Program Overview

Leadership New Hampshire's (LNH) Sessions take place on weekdays from September through May. Program Days run from 8 AM – 5 PM, with two overnight sessions. The program begins with an evening Reception in June and an overnight Retreat in September; participation in the Retreat is mandatory.

Associates have Action Assignments prior to each session of 2-6 hours duration, and are expected to outline and track their personal learning goals during the year. To graduate, participants must attend at least 10 days in their entirety. Candidates should have the support and commitment of their employers. Due to space and insurance considerations, participants may not bring dependents to the program session.

Tuition is $3,850 for the year. Tuition covers reading materials, lectures, meals, breaks, and one overnight cost for the Retreat (double occupancy) associated with each program day. Applications are available for Financial Aid.  Please see the application for more details.

Candidates must have resided in New Hampshire and/or worked in the State for at least one year.

Who Should Apply

LNH strives for each class to include established and emerging leaders from across the state with a wide range of backgrounds, professional skills, interests, geographical locations, and ages.

Candidates are expected to demonstrate:

  • A passionate commitment to New Hampshire's future
  • Accomplishment in their field
  • Involvement in community activities
  • Time and energy to devote to session days

Scholarships are available. A request for financial assistance does not affect consideration of a candidate's application on a merit basis. See our Online Application to apply.

Application Process

Our next application process begins JANUARY 1, 2015 and ends MARCH 15, 2015. Session dates for the Class of 2015-16 year are tentatively scheduled for:

September 15-16
October 8
November 5-6
December 3
January 14
February 11
March 17
April 14
May 5-6
May 19

The formal application process has two aspects; an online application, and personal interviews. This process provides us with the opportunity to get to know you, your ideas, and your goals and desires for improving/enriching your community and the state of New Hampshire.

Nomination and Selection: Individuals may nominate themselves or may be nominated by another person through the filling out a Nomination Form.

Each class will consist of 38 diverse Associates. After assessment from the Interviewer Team, all applicants will be reviewed by the Selection Committee; the names of those selected will then be submitted to the LNH Board of Trustees for approval. Notification of acceptance will be sent by the end of May.

Application Instructions

Please fill out the Online Application thoroughly and carefully. In addition, you will be required to carefully review our LNH Policies and agree to our terms & conditions.

Your properly filled-out application, review of LNH Policies, two letters of reference and paid application fee, must be received by March 15, 2015 to be considered for admittance to the 2015-2016 program.

Applicants will be contacted at the end of March or beginning of April to schedule a personal interview. Everyone who applies will be scheduled for an interview, please be prepared. During this interview, you will be asked about:
New Hampshire Issues: Describe the three most significant problems or opportunities facing New Hampshire currently and for the next ten years. Offer recommendations for action.
Your Personal Goals: Please describe what you hope to gain from your Leadership New Hampshire experience, and define your future civic and professional goals.

LNH Policies

Policies & Procedures

  1. Participation in the September Opening Retreat is mandatory.
  2. Program days run from 8:00 AM through 5:00 PM, with evening work sessions scheduled on each of the two (2) overnight sessions.
  3. Associates also have monthly Action Assignments throughout the year of approximately 2 - 6 hours. Each seminar session requires approximately 2-4 hours of selected readings.
  4. Associates are encouraged to outline their personal learning goals, and to track progress on these goals during the year.
  5. Tuition covers lectures and meals associated with each program day, as well as the cost of overnight accommodations at the Retreat. Additional costs include required reading materials and lodging costs for the other 'overnight' sessions.
  6. Upon acceptance to the LNH program, one-half of the tuition will be due by July 1st. The balance will be due by the end of August.
  7. A short, 250-word biography and a .jpeg photo of yourself will be required; these must be submitted when you accept admittance into the program, before the June reception.
  8. Due to space and insurance considerations, LNH participants may not bring dependents to the program sessions.
  9. To graduate, participants must attend at least 10 days in their entirety (please read Attendance Policy below).

Attendance Policy

To graduate from LNH, an Associate is expected to attend all sessions in their entirety. Attendance at the Opening Retreat is mandatory. Even though emergencies do arise, any Associate missing more than two full days may not graduate from the program.

  1. If an emergency arises, an Associate will be allowed to miss up to two full days and graduate.
  2. Attendance is determined in half-day segments. (Four segments totaling two full days).
  3. If more than one hour of a half day is missed, it will be counted as a half-day absence. (Either coming in late or leaving early).
  4. If an Associate will be absent for any reason, it is essential to inform the LNH staff. The staff will keep records of attendance and document the reasons given for absence.
  5. If an Associate withdraws or is dismissed from the program at any time or for whatever reason, that Associate shall not be entitled to have any portion of his or her tuition refunded.
  6. NO make-up sessions will be allowed in the following year. If a person does not graduate they may re-apply to Leadership New Hampshire, and if accepted, must pay the tuition in full.
  7. Any exception or action taken by the Executive Director will be reported to the full Board of Trustees for informational purposes.
  8. Any decision of the Executive Director may be appealed to the full Board of Trustees. This may be accomplished by writing a letter to the Chair of the Board.